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98 Year old Postcard

This week's postcard is from 1911. It is embossed as so many from that time period were and has gold imprinting as well. This is a fantastic historical example dated from when our country only had 15 states, notice only 15 stars on the flag. This card also has references to the civil war with [...]

Flower of the Week, let’s think Tropical!

The Hawaiian Lei History Hawaii and the flower lei are practically synonymous. The lei is the perfect symbol to represent the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands and the spirit of aloha shared throughout Oahu, Maui, Lanai, Kauai, Molokai, Niihau, Kahoolawe and the Big Island of Hawaii. Most people have seen a flower lei – either [...]

Post Card, week #3

Here is the third postcard in my original vintage collection. This card features the Calla Lily, one of the more elegant flowers. Even back in 1912 Calla Lilies were appreciated as elegant and artsy. To send the calla lily in Memphis, call Pugh's Flowers a few days in advance to make sure we can get [...]

The Rose, what do the colors mean? Week #3

Red Love, Beauty, Courage and Respect, Romantic Love, Congratulations, "I Love You", "Job Well Done", Sincere Love, Respect, Courage & Passion Same day delivery! Red (Dark) Unconscious beauty Red (Single) "I Love You" Deep Burgundy Unconscious Beauty White Purity, Innocence, Silence, Secrecy, Reverence, Humility, Youthfulness, "I am worthy of you", Heavenly White (Bridal) Happy love [...]

Vintage Loving Greetings Postcard

This postcard is dated 1910 and was sent to my great grandmother from a friend. Flowers were widely used back at the turn of the century to express feelings. Flowers today are still as widely used to help make people feel better. More postcards to come next week.

Recycle the vase!

Today began our new program "Recycle the vase." Bring in your old but gently used vases for a $10 off coupon. It's a great way to save while making loved ones feel special, and help with recycling all those extra vases around the house. Every little bit helps our planet so let's all chip in [...]

Flower of the Week #2.

This week's flower is the hydrangea, which are in full bloom all over the place. Hydrangeas do great when cut and brought into the house and can last a good while. They are also perfect to dry out and use for years to come in dried flower arrangements. Hydrangeas are one of the most beautiful [...]

Here is our first installment of a new weekly post where we feature a different flower every week. This week's flower is the Lily. Pictured above is the Stargazer Lily, which is widely used for floral arrangements because of it's large and showy bloom. This flower is great in vased arrangements as well as funeral [...]