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It’s time for Prom! Bring out tha Bling! Pugh’s Flowers Memphis

It's spring and that means it's time for prom.  Every Friday and Saturday night in April you will see kids all dressed up with their dancing shoes on! Prom accessories are a fun way to give your date a little gift while accessorizing the dress and tux.  The corsage should not exactly match the dress, [...]

Mr. Pugh goes to Washington, Pugh’s Flowers

Pugh's Flowers is proud of our CFO and owner Michael Pugh! He is on the board of the Society of American Florists and just got back from a trip to DC where he was part of a lobbying effort. SAF Senior Director of Government Relations Shawn McBurney boiled down the complex STARS Act into two [...]

History of Lucky Bamboo

   Lucky Bamboo History The history of lucky bamboo can be traced back to Chinese culture for over 4000 years. Lucky Bamboo is not really a bamboo plant. It is a member of the lily family that grows in the dark, tropical rainforests of South-east Asia and Africa. It is also known as Dracaena sanderiana, [...]

International Women’s Day, Pugh’s Flowers Memphis

March 8th is International Women's Day. Send a lovely bouquet to the influential women in your life. WHAT IS IT? International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world. The official website for the day says: "Celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. “Yet let’s also be aware progress has slowed in many [...]

First Thursday is Back. Save $7 on one of our Best Selling Items.

Click here to see why our Pound Cake and Spring Stems is so popular. The cake is made locally by Judy Pound Cakes and the simple and happy arrangement for flowers is always a winner. Pugh's Flowers in Memphis is proud to offer high quality items from local vendors like Judy Pound Cakes! Did you [...]