Mother’s Day, What a girl wants! Pugh’s Flowers Memphis

Remember Mom and make her feel special with fresh and beautiful flowers, blooming plants, special keepsakes and of course, sweet treats! Pugh's Flowers can help by delivering hand made gifts anywhere your mom is, worldwide!  Mother' Day is a great opportunity to show mom your love and appreciation.  Send flowers to work on Friday the [...]

Say Thank You for Secretary’s Day, Nurse’s Day and Teacher’s Day, Pugh’s Flowers Memphis

There are so many opportunities to say thank you to those that make your life easier with their hard work and dedication.  Secretary's Day (or Administrative Professionals Day) is April 27th.  Teacher's Day is May 3rd and Nurse's Day is May 6th.  A lovely bouquet of flowers will show your appreciation for all of their [...]

Orchid Facts, Pugh’s Flowers Memphis

The exotic Orchid, one of nature's most beautiful plants is easy to grow and very long lasting. Below are some interesting facts about orchids. What we refer to as the "vanilla bean" is actually an orchid seed pod. Orchids can get insects to pollinate. Some types—like this one that resembles a bee—look like bugs themselves, [...]