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Michael Pugh inducted into the American Academy of Floriculture

 Our very own Michael Pugh, owner and CFO of Pugh's Flowers and Pugh's Earthworks, just received his certificate for being inducted into the American Academy of Floriculture.  The ceremony was held in Maui and hosted by the Society of American Florists on September 23rd, 2016.  The stringent requirements of the Academy make AAF status a [...]

Fall is Here, warm color trends, rich hues!

Autumn is here even though it's still hot outside.  In the trendy market of gift giving or event planning, it's time for rich, warm colors and textured floral arrangements. Here are some of the most popular blooms in season in the fall: September: Hyacinth, alstromeria, gerbera, daffodil,  iris, lillium stargazer, magnolia, rose, snap dragon, stock, [...]

Fall Wedding Trends, Pugh’s Flowers Memphis

The latest fashion in fall wedding flowers is warm, richly hued arrangements with lots of texture variety. Instead of using just a few types of stems in your centerpieces, try a wide mix of flowers coordinated with your color plan. For example, you could start with a base of classic flowers and mix in feathery [...]

Sunday is Grandparent’s Day

Congress passed the legislation proclaiming the first Sunday after Labor Day as National Grandparents' Day and, on August 3, 1978, then-President Jimmy Carter signed the proclamation. Today's grandparents vary in age from 30 to 110 years old, and grandchildren range from newborns to retirees. The dramatic increases in long, healthy lives, coupled with the fact [...]