Summer Rose Sale and Rose Design Challenge

Since June is National Rose Month and June 12th is Red Rose Day, we always like to celebrate with our customers by having a special summer rose sale that provides you with the freshest, most elegant roses in Memphis at the best value. Our Rose Sale Our promotional rose pricing includes one dozen roses for [...]

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Memorial Day in Memphis

Memorial Day is a time to stop, reflect, and remember all those brave soldiers that have fought during the past generations, including those friends, family, and colleagues that we personally lost in a conflict or war. This Memorial Day, on Monday, May 29th as well as over the proceeding weekend, you may want to attend [...]

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Graduation Gifts for Memphis Grads

Celebrations are underway for middle school, high school, and college grads that have reached a great accomplishment, proving that hard work and determination can yield success. While you are beaming with pride over your graduates, don’t forget those teachers and administrators who were so helpful along the way – maybe even the tutors! You may [...]

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Don’t Forget to Treat Mom on Mother’s Day!

While time is running out, there’s still plenty of opportunities to treat Mom to some special gifts for Mother’s Day, which is next Sunday on May 14th. Although our Mother’s Day collection is going fast, we have plenty left to show Mom just how much you love her like these great Mother’s Day gifts: Delightful [...]

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Mother’s Day in Memphis

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14th so it’s time to celebrate all those amazing Moms out there that do everything for us. The American beginnings of Mother’s Day happened in 1908 thanks to Anna Jarvis and then it became an official U.S. holiday in 1914. However, the tradition of honoring mothers goes all the way [...]

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Celebrating Easter in Memphis

Easter is one of those holidays that hold a different meaning for people. For some, it is one of the most important holidays for the Christian faith. Others see it as a time to get together with family and friends for a delicious meal and a fun Easter egg hunt. Whatever the case, flowers make [...]

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Memphis Proms are On!

It’s prom time for seniors at high schools in Memphis, which means picking a date, dress, tux, limo and flowers. That includes a prom corsage and matching prom boutonniere. It’s a lot to think about and do, especially since you want the night to be memorable and round out your high school career. We can [...]

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Celebrating an Engagement on Proposal Day

Today, March 20th is National Proposal Day, a day that is set aside to recognize the love and celebration that goes with getting engaged and preparing to be married. Whether you just got engaged or are a few months in, you know it’s a special time to be recognized but also one that means you [...]

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