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Another Vintage Postcard

Love this postcard for Idlewild Greenhouses. They were located at East and Eastmoreland in Memphis, TN. They have been out of business for years but what a great concept, have the greenhouse right next to the flower shop. There is no date on this card but it was collected and stored with another card that [...]

Flower of the Week, the Rose

The origin of the rose dates back to pre-historic times. In fact there is a fossilized rose in the Smithsonian Museum, that was found in Florissant, Colorado. That makes the rose as American as the bald eagle. The rose was declared our National Floral Emblem in 1986 by President Ronald Reagan. Throughout history, the rose [...]

Good Luck Postcard

1911 is the date that this postcard was mailed from one sister to another. It was mailed to Leslie, Arkansas with the comment that the girl looks like the recipient. The color is still so vibrant and the roses look like they jump off the paper. If you have an antique postcard with a flower [...]

Poplar Avenue, almost back to normal

Well if you live in Memphis you know Poplar Ave. and how busy that one road is. One of the Pugh's Flowers locations is right on Poplar, at Brookfield which is right by the I-240 junction. Due to a city road expansion project Poplar is getting wider, right out in front of our store. You [...]

Flower of the Week, the Wildflower

Well after visiting the beautiful landscapes of Northern California I am inspired by the many wildflowers growing with ease in the dry climate of California. Hiking the coastal ranges makes it easy to see many fantastic blooms that seemingly sprout up without effort. I know there are literally thousands of wildflower varieties and some are [...]

1905 American Beauty Rose Vintage Postcard

Here is the next post with of our weekly vintage postcard collection. There are so many to choose from but this one's dated 1905 and was made by Buckbee Rockford Seed Farms to show off the American Beauty Rose. Red rose arrangements are now on sale at Pugh's Flowers in Memphis, Tennessee. Pugh's is Memphis' [...]

The gladiolus is an easy-to-grow flower, especially valued for use in floral arrangements. Gladioli produce tall spikes of large blossoms, in a rainbow of colors. Only clear, true blue is missing; white, pink, red, purple, yellow, orange, salmon, and even green gladioli are available, along with many bi-colors. "Glads" grow from corms (bulb-like structures) that [...]