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Easy Holiday Shopping, Pugh’s Flowers, Memphis

  Now is the time to order your poinsettias and Christmas wreaths.  Wreaths are great for every door and window on the front side of the house and the poinsettias are great for any table or shelf that needs a fresh and beautiful Christmas splash.

Thanksgiving Decorations, Pugh’s Flowers Memphis

Here are some suggestions from our friends at Mayfield Florist. Flowers can be used as a low centerpiece -with or without candles- to create a main focal point for your table. They can be floated in vases or glasses to create a simple and elegant cluster or placed in a line across the center of [...]

Thanksgiving is on it’s way! Pugh’s Flowers, Memphis TN

What a beautiful time of year! The falling leaves are proof that winter is just around the corner. Beautiful centerpieces can be created easily using fresh fruit and leaves from the yard. An arrangement of pears makes a wonderful centerpiece. Choose fruit in bright green, golden yellow, or russet red -- either fresh or artificial [...]