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Pugh’s Flowers is a family owned and operated floral design firm. We operate four floral design centers in the greater Memphis & Southaven area. Our firm is one of the most trusted brands in the city. The award-winning floral design staff at Pugh’s is a super talented group. They create luxurious, upscale floral bouquets. In addition to all the gorgeous farm fresh flowers we sell, we also offer the best selection of green, flowering and succulent plants in town. Need an occasion themed gift? Each of our floral design centers offers lots of great gift options.

Pugh’s Flowers was started in 1976 by Bill Pugh and his partner. Over the past 40 years, Pugh’s Flowers has grown into one of the premier flower shops in the country. The flower shop is currently owned and operated by Tim, Michael and Mark. Bill Pugh’s three sons. We operate three retail flower shops in Memphis, and another in Southaven, Mississippi. Along with our floral design business, the brothers also operate Pugh’s Earthworks, Rosie’s Pest Control and a new business that will be opening soon, called Pugh’s Lawn.

Pugh’s Flowers imports the freshest cut flowers daily from around the world for our flower delivery. Teleflora ranks Pugh’s Flowers as one of the nations 100 largest floral order senders from over 25,000 member shops. Our full service florist has a full selection of fresh cut flowers, fruit and gourmet baskets, green houseplants and home accessories that are all available in store, via the web or by phone. Pugh’s Flowers operates 4 floral design centers. We have 3 flower shops in Memphis and 1 in Southaven MS. We are open 7 days.



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Local Same Day & Express Delivery

Pugh’s Flowers offers local same-day and express flower delivery service. Our local delivery area is the largest among the flower shops operating in the market. Every single floral bouquet our artisans create is backed by our on-time delivery guarantee. We also provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with each flower arrangement as well. If for any reason you don’t absolutely love the fresh flower bouquet we create and deliver for you, just contact our floral design center. We will design and deliver another bouquet, of equal or greater value, absolutely free of charge.

Nationwide Same Day Flower Delivery

If you need to send flowers to someone who resides outside of our local delivery area, we encourage you to opt for our nationwide same day delivery service option. We have developed a hand selected network of floral design partners around the country. Our staff works directly with these vendor partners to accomplish same day deliveries across the United States. Every arrangement, whether scheduled for local or nationwide delivery, is guaranteed for on-time arrival. Each design is also backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.





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Pugh’s Flowers offers Same Day Flower Delivery to Millington TN Clients

Pugh's Flowers Pugh's Flowers offers Same Day Flower Delivery to Millington TN clients. We operate four flower shops in the Millington and greater Memphis Tennessee area. We have one store location in Southaven, Mississippi. Our main fulfillment center is located on Whitten Road in Bartlett. In addition, Pugh's Flowers offers both local and nationwide delivery options. Locally we offer same day and express flower delivery service. Nationally, we offer same day flower service. Every flower arrangement we deliver is guaranteed to arrive fresh and on-time. All come with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you don't like the arrangement that we have designed and delivered for you, please contact our floral design center and we will replace that arrangement free of charge. Pugh’s Flowers has been serving customers in the greater Millington [...]

Pugh’s Flowers provides Same Day Delivery to the Germantown VA Medical Center

Pugh's Flowers Pugh's Flowers provides Same Day Delivery to the Germantown VA Medical Center 1030 Jefferson Ave.  The VA Memphis Healthcare System has a professional team of medical people that are very experienced and deeply guided by the needs of Veterans, their families, and caregivers. There are 11 locations in Western Tennessee, Northern Mississippi and Northwestern Arkansas. The Facilities include the Memphis VA Medical Center and 10 community-based outpatient clinics in Dyersburg, Jackson, Memphis, and Savannah, Tennessee; Holly Springs and Tupelo, Mississippi; and Jonesboro and West Helena, Arkansas. The VA Memphis Healthcare System is one of the leading health care systems serving Veterans in the VA Mid-South Health Care Network. It is an innovative care center within the Veterans Integrated Service Network 9 (VISN 9), which includes medical centers and clinics in Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, [...]

Pugh’s Flowers Offers Same Day Flower Delivery to Le Bonheur Hospital

Pugh's Flowers Pugh's Flowers offers same day flower delivery to Le Bonheur Hospital. This hospital is recognized among the nation’s “Best Children’s Hospitals” by U.S. News & World Report for eight consecutive years. Le Bonheur is always on the side of children, advocating on their behalf so we can provide them with the care they need. The facility treats minor injuries like ordinary bumps and sniffles of childhood to many more critical and severe life-altering extremes.  Le Bonheur Children’s is prepared for whatever a child’s life might throw at us. Always prepared and never surprised by what kids bring with them when they come through the hospital doors. Le Bonheur has been open since 1952 and has never wandered from its mission of treating issues that mattered to children every day since. Their Emergency Room [...]

Pugh’s Flowers Delivers Same Day to Saint Francis Hospital

Pugh's Flowers offers a great summer collection of gorgeous Plants and Flowers Pugh's Flowers offers same day flower delivery to Saint Francis Hospital 2986 Kate Bond Rd, Memphis, TN 38133 (901) 820-7000. Saint Francis Hospital-Memphis has proudly served the East Memphis community since 1974. With a 479-bed facility, the hospital is well equipped to handle patients in Memphis. It is a full-service hospital in the rapidly growing area and has continued to grow since opening its doors. The campus is 42-acres and is comprised of two medical office buildings, and the University of Tennessee/Saint Francis Family Practice Residency Building. If you are in our local delivery zone, we also offer 4-hour express flower delivery service, for those who have to have the flowers arrive at a specific time. Need to send flowers to a local [...]

August is Romance Awareness Month and Pugh’s Flowers is Prepared with Lovely Flower and Plant Arrangements

Pugh's Flowers wonderful team was voted "Best Florist" in Memphis, and we carry all your favorite flower varieties Stop in today or shop online at Pugh's Flowers and celebrate Romance Awareness Month.  Our award-winning Floral Design team specializes in creating the most thoughtful, romantic and beautiful Flower and Plant arrangements in Memphis TN. There truly is no better option for Romance Awareness Month than to purchase a beautiful Green Plant or Flower arrangement from Pugh's Flowers. Interesting, while Valentine's Day is often the only the primary day we think of as a day of romance, Romance Awareness Month each August provides a middle year reminder that romance should always be top of mind. Pugh's Flowers and our creative Floral Designers are standing by to help you select Romance Awareness Month Flowers and Plants. August is typically associated [...]

New Friends are Waiting so Reach Out with Fresh Flowers from Pugh’s Flowers

Pugh's Flowers operates four flower shops in the greater Memphis and Southaven area The International Day of Friendship is July 30th this year.  This is a perfect time to purchase International Day of Friendship Flowers. What a great time to pick out a thoughtful and beautiful flower arrangement professionally prepared by a Pugh's Flowers award-winning floral designer. Our flower arrangements are spectacular and guaranteed to make your friends feel loved. This day was designated to be a meaningful day of recognition and it has become a popular worldwide event.  Most would agree that there is a sizable amount of diversity in this world regarding cultures and beliefs. Having an Internationally recognized day for people to stop, celebrate and promote understanding in human differences is valuable. The main purpose of this day is to help all of [...]





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Decorate your Office with Fresh and Beautiful Plants from Pugh’s Flowers

Pugh's Flowers offers Permanent Botanicals which make wonderful gifts. Have you considered the increased popularity of Office Plants now used by many businesses? Today, you often will find plants and flowers as an important part of the office decor. That is largely due to owners and managers understanding the benefits of Office Plants and Flowers for employees and customers. Pugh's Flowers has a wide selection of Fresh Plants and Flowers that are great for any office environment. Most often, it makes people feel that having plants and flowers in the office is like having a little piece of nature indoors. Most people enjoy nature, and this brings a feeling of peace and serenity to an otherwise hectic and demanding environment. Let's look at a list of the actual benefits many studies have shown are derived from having plants and flowers in the office. Increased Office Comfort - We spend many hours working in our offices. Basically, many waking hours. Plants can help the physical atmosphere by controlling such things as humidity. Plants have the ability to either add moisture or reduce moisture depending on the variety. Office Appearance - Companies, especially ones that have clients onsite for visits, want to have an attractive office space on display. Plants can make clients and employees feel more welcome when they enter the building. Better Creativity - Depending on the type of the business, certain offices have to have a constant sense of creativity. For example, a marketing company needs people to come up with sales ideas. Studies have shown that plants offer that feeling of being close to nature which in turn can spark more creative thinking. Increased Happiness - Sometimes an emotion like happiness is underrated. Most everyone would prefer to feel happy while they are working hard. Often the presence of plants creates a sense of happiness which changes the mood of the office. In addition, happier employees generally do not leave to join another company. Turnover is expensive. Improved Acoustics - Studies have shown that offices with plants and flowers are less noisy. Plants actually have shown to have the ability to absorb some sound. We all know how distracting excessive noise can be when you are trying to focus on an assignment for talk on the phone with a customer. Managing Stress - Offices can be stressful with the phones, emails, deadlines and interactions people are tasked with. Introducing some lovely plants and flowers to the workplace can and will help employees contend with the pressure packed environment. Happier and less stressed-out employees can lead to more productivity, satisfied customers and less turnover. In addition, studies have indicated that the fresh scents of certain plants can actually increase the ability to focus.   GREEN SCHEFFLERA The Schefflera plant is easy to take care of and has beautiful foliage. We will decorate it and add a decorative container.   Pugh's Flowers Office Plants and Flowers Pugh's Flowers offers Permanent Botanicals which make wonderful gifts. These are available for [...]

Pugh’s Flowers Offers Fresh and Festive 4th of July Flowers

Pugh's Flowers was voted "Best Florist in Memphis" in 2017 The Pugh's Flowers amazing and professional floral design team has worked diligently to ensure that you are fully prepared to celebrate the Independence Day holiday with your family and friends. When you purchase fresh, colorful and patriotic 4th of July Flowers from Pugh's Flowers, the party will be assured of starting off well. Our flowers are fresh, beautiful and created with a sense of celebration for every occasion. They will make your home festive both inside and outside by creating a patriotic and proud atmosphere. There are many varieties of the patriotic Red, White and Blue Flowers to choose from. Below are some varieties of flowers that each year seem to be among the favorites. These go well with outdoor 4th of July barbeques or inside the home to add color and freshness. The flowers can also be placed on the front porch to make for a wonderful curb appeal to display your patriotism. As you browse in store on the Pugh's Flowers state of the art website, we welcome any questions or assistance that you may need. Bright and Bold White Flower Varieties Shasta Daisy - Much like the Gerbera these are not always easy to maintain but they do add a beautiful shade of white perfect for any 4th of July display. If the yellow center does not bother you, these make plentiful blooms and are considered to be somewhat of a trendy flower. Annabelle hydrangea - These flowers are not difficult to grow.  The Annabelle hydrangeas are very beautiful and offer very large clusters of small flowers. This creates the perfect volume of white color for a 4th of July flowerpot or container decoration. Queen Anne’s Lace - Place these with other flowers that thrive best in full sun. Their delicate lacy white color is the perfect accent filler and compliment to a container decoration. Cup Flower - Another of the filler varieties of flower, the Cup Flowers are quite dainty and soft. Their blooms and plentiful and can actually spill over a container grow down to the ground. Lilies - These are a popular and longtime favorite flower variety. With their large trumpet shaped blooms and amazing scent, they make for a regal 4th of July decoration. Beautiful Blue or Voilet Flower Varieties Victoria Blue Salvia - A great addition to a 4th of July patriotic container, this plant displays gorgeous tall flowers. Their bluish hue makes for the perfect complement to the red and white. Also, they add height to the flower container. Gentian Sage - This flower is the most accurate blue of most flowers. You will not find violet accents. They also are flexible in that they do well in both full sun and partial shade. Browallia - Place these in partial shade. They have a classic five-petal appearance the makes any container of mixed flowers look amazing. Many people combine them with wax begonias and cup flowers. Floss Flower - Very similar [...]

Shop for World Class Summer Flowers and Plants at Pugh’s Flowers

Pugh's Flowers offers the best selection of your summer favorites in Memphis Be ready to celebrate the start of the summer season on June 21st by purchasing Summer Flowers and Plants from Pugh's Flowers.  Our arrangements are perfect for inside your home and outside on your patio. Flowers and Plants are a great way to get into the spirit of the season and to make your home beautiful. Our very skilled and passionate floral designers at Pugh's Flowers have been busy creating festive and dazzling arrangements to help you celebrate Summer!  Flowers make every summertime celebration better.  Whether you are taking your party to the lake, lounging by your backyard pool or serving dinner on the patio with your favorite music, visit us at Pugh's Flowers to purchase your flowers. They will surely add that special elegance to your home. While summer is clearly the hottest of the four seasons, for many people it is their favorite time of year. A time for summer breaks from school, vacations with family and many outside activities.  In the Northern Hemisphere, summer is defined as the months of June, July and August. However, in the Southern Hemisphere summer occurs during the months of December, January and February. The summer solstice is the moment the Sun travels its greatest distance through the sky. This day of course has the most daylight of any other day in the year and therefore referred to by many as the longest day of the year. This actually marks the beginning of the astronomical summer, but we have already felt the warmer temperatures of summer for several weeks. July is typically the hottest day of the year because there is about a one-month lag between the solstice and the hottest temperatures. As you shop for summer flowers and plants, below are some popular varieties to consider: Sunflowers - These are beautiful in a vase. Our Sunflowers are shipping directly from growers and are picked before insects or other conditions have caused any damage. Daisies - The Daisy Flower is long lasting and a family member of the Chrysanthemum. There are many varieties and colors. Daisies make great bouquets and look nice in a garden. Roses - There are countless varieties of roses. Our roses are fresh and beautiful. Nothing smells better than a fresh rose bouquet inside or on the patio. Daylily - Flowers of the Daylily come in several colors and have ruffled petals. They require full sun. Cuphea - Frequently referred to as the firecracker plant, the Cuphea is a hummingbird magnet. It has bright red and orange flowers and does best in full sun. Marigold - Needing full sun, the Marigold is a longtime favorite flower. It is very durable and resists insects. Fan Flower - A wonderful spillover plant, the Fan Flower needs full sun. It produces lovely flowers in colors of pink, purple and white. Ranunculus - Resembling roses and peonies, the Ranunculus requires full sun. In extreme cold the bulbs can be stored [...]

Shop for Father’s Day Floral Gifts at Pugh’s Flowers and Receive Reward Points!

Pugh's Flowers offers one of the very best selections of beautiful green, flowering and tropical plants found anywhere in Germantown We are anticipating and want to be ready for Father's Day on June 19th! The best action is to shop with Pugh's Flowers for fresh and festive Father's Day Floral Gifts.  We have multiple varieties of flowers and plants that are popular for Father's Day. Flowers are a wonderful gift for dad. However, if you would prefer a Green or Flowering Plant, we offer an excellent selection designed just for Father's Day. Plus, you can receive Reward Points when you shop at Pugh's Flowers Father's Day Short History In 1915, a member of the Lions Club introduced the concept of Father's Day. The preference was for the day to occur on the third Sunday in June. The Lions Club International elected to give him the official designation as the "Originator of Father's Day" and he continued the quest to promote Father's Day as an official holiday. After receiving numerous requests for a special day to honor fathers, in 1916, President Wilson proclaimed a day should be recognized as a federal holiday. This was during a speech he gave in Spokane at a Father's Day celebration. However, when the concept reached Congress, it was denied. The majority of the members in Congress were concerned that it would become too commercialized, and the true meaning would be all about companies profiting. President Coolidge suggested a recognition for Father's Day in 1924. Then in 1957, a female Senator spoke out that Congress had been ignoring fathers for over 40 years and had only been honoring mothers. Then in 1966 the first proclamation of Father's Day was issued by President Lyndon B. Johnson. It was declared that the day to honor all fathers would be the third Sunday in June. This became a permanent holiday in 1972 when President Richard Nixon signed it into law. Popular Father's Day Floral Gifts Peperomia - These are sometimes called radiator plants and are very hardy. They do not grow taller than one foot and have sturdy waxy leaves. Spider Plant - Sprouting delicate white flowers this plant from Africa makes a great hanging plant. Orange Lilies - These nice flowers are used to symbolize Peace, Harmony, Wealth and Joy. White Roses - Show dad that you honor him for his honor, reverence and spirituality by giving him White Roses. Yellow Roses - If you want dad to have joy and cheer, the Yellow Roses are perfect. This is because the yellow rose's bright color symbolizes the warmth of a sunny day and friendship. Moth Orchid - These Orchids have a long life and are native to Southeastern Asia. They display butterfly - shaped flowers. Its relative is the Moon Orchid which is also very hardy. Lucky Bamboo - Very easy to grow, these plants are said to bring prosperity to the home. Zebra Plant - For a small space in the home, The Zebra Plant is often [...]

Shop for National Best Friends Day Flowers at Pugh’s Flowers

Pugh's Flowers has numerous times been voted Best Florist in Memphis and Olive Branch When we have a "best friend" or friends it is a fortunate thing and you want to show appreciation. This special person may be a life long friend since childhood or someone you met later in life. Either way, they are an important part of your life and bring you great joy. One nice way to celebrate National Friends Day on June 8th is to send a fresh flower bouquet from Pugh's Flowers. We have fresh and festive National Best Friends Day Flowers. The history behind the origination of this day is that in 1935 Congress decided this was a significant enough cause to declare June 8th as National Friends Day. In addition, Congress wisely selected the summer season as the best time to desiginate this special day. This season is typically the best time weather wise and schedule wise for people to celebrate. Reasons for celebrating National Best Friends Day are pretty obvious. These people are special in your life and you want them to know you appreciate them. However, like many other occasions or life events, there are some research studies that indicate there are health reasons for celebrating. For example, studies have shown that 22% of people have a longer live span when they have a group of close friends. Of course there is a relationship to depression and anxiety as people who spend time with their friends generally have less of these issues. Send Flowers - Obviously our favorite. Our Floral Designers have created beautiful bouquets that are sure to brighten anyone's day! Send a Card - Cards are always a welcome thing to receive. Plus a handwritten note means you took the time to express your feelings about the deep friendship you share. Phone Call -  In today's fast paced world with Social Media and Texting, taking the time to call someone directly can mean so much. Take the time to call your best friend and let them know you are thinking about them. Meet for Coffee - Contact you friend and set up a time to meet at the local Coffee Bar. Laugh and reminisce or just talk about what is going on in your lives. If coffee is not a favorite, there is always brunch, lunch or dinner. Gift Surprise - Even the smallest gift means you took the time to shop for your best friend. Post a Photo - Regarding Social Media, there are plenty of platforms where you can post a favorite photo of you and your best friend. Maybe it is at a place you both shared great memories like a beach vacation, cruise or wedding etc.   DELIGHTFUL BOUQUET COVID-19 Update: We're still delivering your love! During checkout, you will be offered "No Contact Delivery" for local deliveries to help ensure the health and safety of our community. NOTE: Picture is the large sized vase. Small and medium will be similar but less stems according [...]

The Pugh’s Flowers Designers Created Beautiful Rose Bouquets for National Rose Month

Pugh's Flowers imports the freshest cut flowers daily from around the world for our flower delivery Pugh's Flowers is the best florist to purchase from when you need fresh Roses. Our team of award - winning Floral Designers has created rose arrangements of all types and colors.  June is National Rose Month and is the perfect time to shop with Pugh's Flowers. Not only do we offer roses, but we also have many other varieties of flowers and plants to choose from. Recently, I was provided with a sensational article regarding roses that was written by the Chairman of the Society of American Florists. There is so much great information in the article, and it is so relevant for National Rose Month that I wanted to share it. Roses are the most popular flower in the world, with over a billion stems sold annually. Over 250 million are produced for Valentine’s Day alone. They are popular because of their beautiful colors, shape and petal structure, as well as their lovely fragrance. While many landscape roses have 5 petals, hybrid tea roses, those produced for commercial cutting, can have up to 40 petals. Best of all, there are always new varieties to discover with over 150 rose species and thousands of fabulous cultivars. June is National Rose Month, a perfect time for me to share with you some of my favorite varieties, not ranked, because they are simply too beautiful to pick a favorite. Alabaster is a breathtaking, off-white rose with many soft, delicate petals. Catalina warms my soul with creamy yellow petals that reveal sunshine as they open. Ashley is a luscious pink rose that is not too pale and not too bold. Juliet captivates me with a very interesting petal structure and perfect peach color. Miyabi Wabara is a pink rose with a peach heart and wonderfully ruffled petals. Free Spirit combines yellow, peach and pink in its countless petals. Just WOW! Keep the water clean. Bacteria is our primary enemy and you can limit bacterial growth by rinsing the vase daily and refilling with water. Cut stems with a knife or very sharp pruners. Dull scissors will pinch the Xylem and Phloem closed and restrict the uptake of water. Use the flower food provided by your florist. The old wives' tales about aspirin and pennies are lore and not based on any science. The food is most essential during the first two water changes, so do not worry if you run out. If a rose wilts prematurely, do not trash it. Simply give it a fresh cut and submerge the entire rose in warm water for an hour or so. It will rehydrate and look great for many additional days. Fun fact: Most of the world’s cut roses are grown in the mountains of Colombia and Ecuador. The altitude and proximity to the Equator means lots of year-round sunshine and the perfect combination of temperature and humidity. Also, please remember that an open rose is not necessarily an [...]

Shop with Pugh’s Flowers for the Best House Plants in Memphis

Pugh's Flowers offers Green, Flowering & Tropical Plants available for Same Day Flower and Plant Delivery Anywhere in Memphis House Plants provide multiple benefits to their owners according to several research groups that have published reports. Benefits can range from helping to purify the air to altering and improving the overall mood of the home. Pugh's Flowers offers a great selection of indoor plants.  In addition, our talented and award - winning Floral Designers are available to provide assistance. What are the benefits exactly? Below is a short summary of a few. Beautification of the Home or Building - In addition to the multitude of health benefits plants offer, they also create elegant and wonderful beauty to any home. There are numerous uses for indoor plants. Depending on the areas to be decorated, the use of different plants can create a more uniform and warm feel. Health and Mental Wellness  - Researchers at Kansas State University reported studies that show patients recover quicker when their hospital rooms have plants in them. In addition, these patients tend to have lower heart rates, blood pressure, less fatigue and anxiety. Consequently the patients are released from the hospitals sooner. Further, researchers in other countries have found evidence in their studies that the overall health of individuals in office buildings and classrooms is also improved by the presence of plants.  Benefits identified include decreases in fatigue, colds, headaches, coughs, sore throats and flu like symptoms. Home Air Purification - There are multiple studies but reference is based on a study in 2009 conducted by the University of Technology in Sydney Australia. This team found that it was highly probable houseplants absorbed toxins in the air. The science behind how the plants are able to do this is related to their biological processes. The CDC has reported that as many as 8 percent of all Americans suffer from allergies. Houseplants do not release much if any pollen and in fact act as natural filters to collect allergens and dust. In addition, plants produce oxygen through photosynthesis which is what we breath to survive. Plants act as sponges to gather all of the bad pollutants in the air. Most of us do not think about pollutants in our homes but they are present. Things like carpet, paint and furniture emit toxins. Commercial Building Air Purification - It stands to reason that not just a residential home can benefit from indoor plants. It has been shown that  hospitals and office buildings are great places for plants also. EUROPEAN DISH GARDEN This beautiful gift comes with an assorted of green plants as well as blooming plant all potted together in one container. Our designer will dress it up with a lovely bow that compliments the blooming plant.   Pugh's Flowers House Plants Pugh's Flowers offers  a nice selection of green, blooming, exotic and succulent plants. All are available for in-store pickup or for same day delivery. There are numerous plant types that are low maintenance and great for [...]

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Heartfelt Memorial Service Flowers can be Found at Pugh’s Flowers

Pugh's Flowers provides same day delivery to all Memphis area funeral homes, mortuaries and churches. Pugh’s Flowers is a family owned and operated floral design firm with more than 40 years of experience designing and delivering flowers. We service mainly in the Memphis and Bartlett Tennessee area. Our company operates four floral design centers in the greater Memphis metropolitan area and we employee a super talented group of designers and support personnel. Our design team is well known for their unique, artistic and creative floral designs for any occasion including Memorial Service Flowers. We are proud to offer all Shoppers that visit the Pugh's Flowers website with a great online experience. They are treated to an amazing volume of product selections to choose from. We have flowers for all occasions including Memorial Service Flowers.  As you shop, our floral design team will be standing by to consult with you on the best flower to address your need. We are experts on Memorial Services, Celebrations of Life and sending Sympathy Flowers to friends or loved one's. Types of services vary depending on the request of the deceased or family choices. Below are some of the well-known Funeral types. Celebration of Life Many families are opting for a celebration of life ceremony as an option to a more traditional funeral.  Often these ceremonies take place in alternative locations from the funeral home or church. They are sometimes held in restaurants, parks, pubs, sporting facilities or other venues that were a favorite destination of the deceased. While there is still the element of mourning, these celebrations are more festive and try to focus on the life and times of the departed. All the positive aspects of the person's life are celebrated. Things like unique talents, generosity towards others, exciting destinations they traveled to, and other noteworthy accomplishments are themes for the celebration.  The caring and compassionate Pugh's Flowers team will help you with that celebration of life. Our festive and tasteful flowers will add so much more happiness to your event. Traditional These services have been in existence for generations and are more of a solemn event. Typically, the service is held in a funeral home, church, crematorium or chapel. It can involve an open or closed casket. Open caskets are most common in the US and allows the attendees to say a final good-bye to the deceased. Often family or friends are asked to address others with a tribute to the life of the person. Our professional floral designers at Pugh's Flowers  will prepare the most stunning flower arrangement to add dignity and beauty to this respectful and solemn ceremony. We know the business and have assembled a team of talented, caring and passionate professionals. We take pride in our work and leave our customers completely delighted with their floral product purchases. Direct Burial For personal financial or other reasons, families my elect for a direct burial.  In these situations, the deceased is buried shortly after death and there is not a funeral [...]

See the Beautiful Graduation Flowers the Designers at Pugh’s Flowers have Created

Pugh's Flowers operates four flower shops in the greater Memphis and Bartlett area The popular month of May has arrived, and graduation plans are starting to formulate. Such an exciting time for school students from preschool age and above as they will be moving to the next level of their education.  Throughout the education and ultimate graduation process, we cannot forget the teachers, professors and parents that have helped students reach graduation. Honor all of these individuals with thoughtful and elegant Graduation Flowers from Pugh's Flowers. Pugh's Flowers congratulates all of these people and their accomplishments.  Our professional multi-talented floral designers will help you honor that accomplished graduate, teacher or parent. They will be so happy to receive a Pugh's Flowers Flower arrangement, or bouquet and you will be proud to give it to them. Graduation is a major event in people's lives. It is yet another chapter and an exciting time of progression. Flowers are a great way to recognize the accomplishments of a graduate, or anyone related to the graduate like a mom or teacher. The culmination of years of hard work to get to the point of graduation reflects determination and a great deal of pride.  As parents and family are always proud, giving flowers or a lovely gift basket is a great way to show thoughtfulness and pride. Flowers have been an important symbol of thoughtfulness, love and caring for many centuries. Dating back to the Roman the goddess of love Venus often pictured surrounded with different varieties of flowers. In the 19th century, many writers referenced the "language of flowers".  That language defined symbolic meaning to colors and types of flowers. Flowers will add to the joy of your friend's or loved one's graduation day. The color and symbolism of blossoming into the world are perfect for the occasion. There are numerous varieties of flowers each presenting different meanings. Below are some of the options of flowers that you might choose. Hydrangeas Symbolizing the "gratitude for being understood", hydrangeas are a lovely choice for a gift. They come in shades of purple, pink, blue or white and are very soft. Roses Roses are a widely accepted favorite flower. Used as confetti in celebrations, the ancient Romans also used roses as perfume.  Some royalty in the 17th century used roses as legal tender. Typically, we tend to think of roses as a symbol of romantic love, However, they can also be used to show admiration and affection for a graduate. White roses symbolize a new beginning, purity, and genuine respect. Pink roses symbolize happiness. Yellow roses symbolize friendship, new beginnings, and joy. Orange roses represent enthusiasm and desire. Peonies Peonies are a very popular springtime flower. They are frequently used in weddings and baby showers. In Victorian flower language they symbolize a more modest lifestyle of being shy with a happy life. So, if your graduate is more of the introvert type, peonies are the perfect flower. The Chinese culture considers peonies as the "king of flowers" [...]

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Mother’s Day Floral Products are Ready for Purchase at Pugh’s Flowers

Pugh's Flowers provides same day & express flower delivery to all Shelby County Hospitals. This year, Mother's Day is observed on May 8th! This festive and loving day has been a wonderful occasion for mothers and families since its inception many years ago. With supply chain issues remaining disrupted, please do not wait too long to start shopping for Mother's Day Floral Products. Our professional and award -winning Floral Designers at Pugh's Flowers have crafted the most heartfelt fresh flowers and plants. Each of our floral products were carefully created by our Floral Designers to put a big smile on mom's face. Contemplating the many things one can do for mom is a natural and respectful thing. However, if you are a mom also, you need to take a moment to consider what you might do for yourself. Often, a mother may neglect thinking about themselves and wind up missing out on well-deserved rewards. For all moms, you deserve to reflect on your accomplishments and sacrifices to raise a family and keep the home functioning. It takes a lot of devotion to be a great mom. Below are some valuable tips to consider on your special day. Reflect on you - Mother's Day is not just another day. It is easy to slip into the daily routine of being "super mom". Instead, take time to reflect on your accomplishments and all that you do for your immediate and extended family. Try to not spend the day critiquing your abilities and accomplishments. Reach out to other Moms - You have a circle of friends some of whom are moms like you. Some of these ladies are probably people you admire for their mothering skills. Take a few moments to reach out to them and let them know about your admiration for them. Take time for yourself - It is quite normal to get up early and immediately switch to "mother mode". Maybe there are clothes on the floor, unmade beds, dishes in the sink and other things needing attention. Instead of feeling the need to jump into completing that you normally do, maybe sleep in later. Those tasks will be there tomorrow or better perhaps someone in your family may decide it is your special day and complete them for you. Expect Flowers and Gifts - Perhaps throw some not - so - subtle hints out there to your husband and children that a beautiful bouquet of flowers would be a welcomed gift. Then make sure you let them know that Pugh's Flowers is where you would like the flowers to come from!   LOVE ME TENDER COVID-19 Update: We are still delivering your love! During checkout, you will be offered "No Contact Delivery" for local deliveries to help ensure the health and safety of our community. The King of Rock and Roll got it right when he said, "Love Me Tender" and we have this beautiful arrangement of roses and lilies just right too! 6 lovely red roses and fragrant [...]


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